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“My husband underwent 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 radiation treatments for head and neck cancer (tonsil). We have every confidence that his use of Healios allowed him to eat, drink, and swallow with ease throughout the duration. His medical team said they had never seen anything close to his extremely positive results. We have told countless others about this product and we hope someday it will be considered standard protocol for everyone facing cancer treatment.”

- Kathleen M.

  • “My doctor recommended I try Healios to minimize the soreness and pain of swallowing. I did not have any signs of difficulty swallowing or pain for all 7 weeks. My doctor said I was the only patient she ever had that did not need narcotics for pain.. I would recommend this product to anyone going through radiation.” 

    - Sincerely, Hilda J.

  • HIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!! Within two days, I noticed a reduction in the size and severity of my mouth ulcers, and within a week they were gone! I also was able to swallow without any discomfort or pain. Healios is by far the best cancer “supportive care” product that I have come across.”

    - David W.

  • I am convinced that Healios made a huge difference in my ability to deal with the challenges associated with radiation therapy. My sores were minimized and recovery was positively aided by Healios. Hopefully, others will be able to benefit from this testimonial as they face similar treatment.

    - Tom S.

  • “I was told I would experience esophageal pain and trouble swallowing, but I have not had a problem with either of those while using Healios.”

    - Karl B.

  • The nutritionist at the Oncologist’s office suggested that I try Healios along with the medicine. I would not want to go through my day without having two drinks of Healios available for me. I surely would recommend it to any of my acquaintances and try to tell everyone that might have a need it how well it works and how easy it is to prepare and clean for another dose!”

    - Kate R.

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