Dr. Peter M. Anderson, MD, PhD

What is Healios®?

Healios® is a dietary supplement developed by Dr. Peter M. Anderson, MD, PhD to help patients with mouth sores caused by chemotherapy and radiation.

Healios can help by supporting normal cell repair in the tissues lining the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract. If you are experiencing mouth sores or if you are having difficulty swallowing, Healios can be a part of a supplementation program designed by your healthcare provider.

A New Complementary Approach to Addressing Mouth Sores from Cancer Treatment

  • Unlike other products, Healios® directly targets mouth sores instead of the symptoms
  • Easy to use
  • Science-backed
  • Over-the-counter

Healios®, Free for Children

Our mission is to improve the oral and digestive health of patients going through cancer treatment. Through the generous support of our manufacturing partner, we are able to offer Healios® free to patients under the age of 18 who are most likely to develop mouth sores.

Success Stories

The best cancer supportive care product

Last year when I first began chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV non-small-cell squamous lung cancer, the day after my second treatment, my mouth and throat began to burn like fire whenever ate anything. This started as soon as I put food in my mouth and intensified as I tried to chew and swallow….Read More

David W.
I would recommend this product to anyone going through radiation

I was facing 7 weeks of radiation that would target my left lung. Unfortunately, the radiation was going to be aimed close to my esophagus and cause some burning. My doctor recommended I try Healios to minimize the soreness and pain of swallowing. I mixed Healios every morning and carried it to radiation….Read More

Hilda H.