We provide clinically demonstrated,
over-the-counter food and beverage products
to help relieve cancer treatment side effects.

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Our products target the actual side effects
rather than treat the symptoms to
help you better manage patient care.
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Healios® for Oral Mucositis

Cancer treatments can cause oral mucositis, an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract.

Targeted Nutrient Solutions To Relieve Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Despite preventative and treatment advances, many cancer therapies continue to cause damage to healthy tissues, often involving the mouth and digestive system. Such complications can lead to reduced nutritional status during treatment, which in turn can negatively influence treatment outcomes.

We provide medical nutrition products designed to help cancer patients manage specific damaging side effects, so they can complete their treatments, avoid unplanned hospitalizations and improve their health status.


Up to 20 percent of patients see their treatments delayed, reduced or discontinued because of the seriousness of their side effects.

A graphic of a man with cancer treatment side effects in need of supplements from Enlivity


Last year when I first began chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV non-small-cell squamous lung cancer, the day after my second treatment, my mouth and throat began to burn like fire whenever ate anything. This started as soon as I put food in my mouth and intensified as I tried to chew and swallow….Read More

I was facing 7 weeks of radiation that would target my left lung. Unfortunately, the radiation was going to be aimed close to my esophagus and cause some burning. My doctor recommended I try Healios to minimize the soreness and pain of swallowing. I mixed Healios every morning and carried it to radiation….Read More

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