About Healios

Healios is an over-the-counter, nutrient-based product for cancer patients at-risk for oral mucositis, as well as esophagitis. It was developed by hematologist-oncologist Dr. Peter Anderson to address the epithelial cellular damage caused by cancer treatments.

Healios contains L-glutamine as the active ingredient and it comes as a powder that patients mix with water to form a swish and swallow solution. Download the Healios resource guide to learn more.

Download Healios Resource Guide
  • Formulation

    Healios is formulated as a glutamine-disaccharide complex that increases glutamine absorption, locally, along the mucosal lining.

    Download Healios fact sheet 
  • Research

    The concept has been tested in cancer patients in one pilot study and three larger randomized placebo, double-blind trials.

    See Healios research summary 
  • Use

    Healios is used as a prophylactic for cancer patients at-risk for mucositis and esophagitis, and also as a treatment when patients are first symptomatic.

Ordering and Availability

Healios comes in three different flavors (orange, grape, and unflavored) and it’s available online and at select pharmacies.

To order Healios for your hospital or local pharmacy, please email orders@enlivity.com. We offer wholesale pricing and can help facilitate the ordering process.

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