The Human Side of Cancer Treatment

At Enlivity, we believe quality of life is an important part of cancer treatment. Our products focus on food and nutrient-based solutions that help minimize treatment side effects.

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Our Story

After our CEO, Gillian Isabelle, Ph.D. lost a close friend to cancer, she realized a flaw in the cancer treatment process - the patient’s quality of life is often sacrificed to treat the cancer itself. Between the schedules, doses, the timelines, and the doctor’s visits, patients often struggle to maintain a life that was comparable to the life they had prior to treatment. 

Gillian decided it was time we started focusing on improving the lives of patients. She started Enlivity, a company dedicated to creating nutrition based products that address treatment side effects and help cancer patients feel better when they need it most.

  • Patient-focused

    We are committed to finding solutions that are meaningful and fit the needs of cancer patients and their families.

  • Science-backed

    We partner with oncology experts to develop science-based solutions that treat more than the symptoms. 

  • Accessible

    We believe cancer patients should have the power to access solutions that help them feel better whenever they need it.

  • Easy to use

    We know treating cancer is never easy. We make products that are easy to use, so patients can focus on what matters.

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