Mouth Sores & Cancer Treatment: What Causes Mouth Sores from Chemo or Radiation?

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People undergoing treatment for cancer regularly develop mouth sores, or oral mucositis, commonly referred to as mouth sores. These sores can cause pain and discomfort, often severe enough to make it difficult for the patient to chew, swallow, or even speak. Patients may be able to manage mouth sores by adhering to a strict oral care regimen and using supplements specially designed to help those in cancer treatment.

What Causes Mouth Sores from Chemo or Radiation?

Mouth sores are caused by chemotherapy or radiation. These cancer treatments are designed to target rapidly reproducing cells in the body. Unfortunately, the treatments can’t distinguish between metastasizing cancer cells and other rapidly growing cells that belong in the human body. The cells of a person’s gums, mouth, tongue, and even throat and stomach lining are all affected by these treatments. This can lead to small ulcers or sores inside the mouth, bleeding gums, increased mucus, and pain or discomfort, especially when eating hot or cold food.

What Can Be Done to Treat Mouth Sores Caused by Cancer Treatments?

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are necessary tools in the fight against cancer. There isn’t much a person can do to avoid the underlying cause of mouth sores. However, patients can take extra care to sterilize their toothbrush and anything else going in their mouth. Vitamins and nutrients also play a key role in reducing the impact of cancer treatments. When fruit and vegetables aren’t enough, HEALIOS® is a dietary supplement that promotes the health of the cells most impacted by cancer treatments.

At Enlivity, it is our mission to improve the oral and nutritional health of patients undergoing cancer treatment. We develop products like HEALIOS® that help healthcare professionals manage cancer treatment side effects like mouth sores and other problems, with natural ingredients like glutamine

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