I am a stomach cancer survivor and used Healios daily for about 6 months. I am not the cancer patient the researchers developed Healios for, but I am very grateful that it was available for my use. After many doctors appointments and nine years of tests done by my gastroenterologist, it was determined that my stomach lining had many pre-cancer cells and over time…. Read More

Sincerely, Kate R.

I was facing 7 weeks of radiation that would target my left lung. Unfortunately, the radiation was going to be aimed close to my esophagus and cause some burning. My doctor recommended I try Healios to minimize the soreness and pain of swallowing. I mixed Healios every morning and carried it to radiation……. Read More

Sincerely, Hilda J.

My name is Frank, I am a 72 year old patient. In September 2013 after surgery on my tongue to remove cancer I received thirty treatments of radiation to both sides of my tongue. My physician oversaw my treatments and recommended a mouth rinse designed by Healios. I selected the orange rinse and used it 3-4 times daily…. Read More

Sincerely, Frank C.

Last year when I first began chemotherapy treatment for Stage IV non-small-cell squamous lung cancer, the day after my second treatment, my mouth and throat began to burn like fire whenever ate anything. This started as soon as I put food in my mouth and intensified as I tried to chew and swallow…… Read More

Sincerely, David W.

During my orientation meeting with my radiation oncologist, it was recommended that I speak with another patient who was undergoing the same type of treatment that I was to undergo. I then learned that part of his routine included the daily use of the product Healios. Our oncologist was pleased with the reduction of sores in his mouth…. Read More

Sincerely, Tom S.

I hope all is well. Unfortunately, I have some sad news to report from here. My wife’s dad lost his battle with cancer on May 19th of this year. It was a great loss for her, her mom and son, and of course for family and friends that knew Luigi. He was a great family man. Luigi endured a lot this past year. He had great surgeons, doctors, and great supportive care….. Read More

Sincerely, Richard C.

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