Historically, cancer supportive care therapies have focused on drugs, prescriptions or general products to provide relief for the symptoms of the side effect – like pain, inflammation, compromised nutritional status or secondary infections – rather than relief from the side effect itself. However, with research advances in side effect mechanisms, new drugs and complementary solutions, new medical nutrition products designed to alleviate specific side effects are on the horizon to address this unmet need.

Our company’s vision is to make non-prescription, medical nutrition products part of the overall cancer treatment standard of care.

Our initial pipeline of products will focus on the most common cancer treatment side effects occurring in the digestive system. Our aim is to commercialize products that have significant unmet patient and market needs by:

  • Providing over-the-counter products made for specific side effects such as mouth sores, appetite changes, nausea and vomiting

  • Developing scientifically-sound, non-drug products that combine naturally-sourced ingredients with established technologies formulated for specific purposes and locations throughout the digestive system, and

  • Forging strategic partnerships with researchers at academic and health care delivery institutions to discover new product innovations that address unmet needs and improve access to effective solutions and affordable care.

To Market
Oral Mucositis
CINV (Chemotherapy Induced Nausea & Vomitting)
Pediatric Appetite Changes
Radiation Enteritis