We understand the many challenges you face with cancer treatment side effects. And we recognize the ones that happen in the mouth and gut can be particularly painful and harmful. We also realize just how difficult it can be doing normal, everyday activities. That’s why we provide patients with food and beverage products that are easy to access and use — and target specific side effects rather than the symptoms (like pain and infection).

Our first-launched product, Healios®, is a dietary supplement clinically demonstrated to provide relief to patients experiencing oral mucositis (aka, mouth sores) due to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. Healios is a science-based, over-the-counter product that helps keep the tissues in your mouth and along your digestive tract healthy.

If you are experiencing painful mouth sores or having difficulty swallowing, Healios can help by supporting normal healthy cell repair and epithelial renewal, as part of a supplementation program designed by your healthcare professional. The benefits of supplementing with nutrients found in Healios have been clinically demonstrated, and continue to be studied.