Oral mucositis (also known as mouth sores) is a painful condition involving inflammation of cells in the mouth and the digestive tract as a result of cancer treatments. Enlivity takes a new approach to relieving these painful side effects, such as mouth sores, with the dietary supplement Healios®, designed to promote and maintain healthy cells and tissues in the mouth and digestive tract.

What Is Oral Mucositis?

Oral mucositis is an inflammatory reaction causing painful sores on a person’s mouth, tongue, throat, and digestive tract that result in difficulty talking, drinking, eating, and swallowing. Oral mucositis is usually a direct result of cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Mucositis occurs when cancer treatments break down the cells in the lining of the mouth and digestive tract, leaving the mucous membranes open to ulceration and infection. The severity of the mouth sores can vary, but many patients experience symptoms within six to 10 days from the start of chemotherapy, or one to two days after the beginning of radiation. Unfortunately, oral mucositis can last anywhere from one to eight weeks, impacting patients’ overall health and even leading to more severe health conditions like Cancer Associated Malnutrition (CAM).

Who Gets Oral Mucositis?

Oral mucositis is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatments, affecting roughly 40 percent of all cancer patients. Most patients who are receiving treatment for cancers of the head, mouth, and neck are likely to develop mouth sores. Oral mucositis can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, dehydration, lack of protein, or excessive use of tobacco products. It’s common for patients that have low levels of saliva to experience more severe mouth sores than those who produce normal levels.

“There is a 40 percent incidence rate among cancer patients receiving standard chemotherapy, and more than 90 percent of patients that receive both chemotherapy and radiation will be affected by OM.”  (Naidu 2004)

How Long Does Oral Mucositis Last?

The extent of oral mucositis depends on the patient, but usually, patients who undergo chemotherapy suffer from mouth sores for an average of three to 12 days after treatment ends. Patients who undergo radiation, on the other hand, may have mouth sores that last for three to 12 weeks after treatment ends.

It is possible to reduce the severity and duration of mouth sores with the use of Healios®, an over-the-counter product designed to protect the mucosal tissues that are impacted by chemotherapy and radiation. Healios® is a science-based solution that has been shown in trials to be effective at alleviating mouth sores in cancer patients. We recommend speaking with a healthcare professional to determine which supplementation program is right for you based on your symptoms, nutritional needs, and length of treatment.

Oral mucositis is an unpleasant, painful and often harmful side effect of cancer treatments, but Enlivity offers patients a new approach to alleviating this uncomfortable side effect. Order your Healios® product online now or give us a call at 888-552-9769 and press option 5 to learn more or purchase. You can also read about other patients’ experiences with Healios® on our testimonials page.