Enlivity is an emerging medical nutrition company based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to delivering cancer supportive care products to patients so they can continue needed treatments, minimize clinical complications, and avoid hospitalization. Enlivity is focused solely on the cancer treatment side effects occurring in the oral and digestive tract that typically result in poor nutritional and hydration status. We provide targeted, over-the-counter product solutions to patients that would otherwise try a variety of general supportive care products to manage treatment symptoms.

Company Values

  • Natural Medical Elements

    Enlivity believes in and respects nature’s healing powers, particularly those that interact with the body in a positive way.

  • Science-based Solutions

    We believe that the power of the mind can go a long way in the healing process, but when it comes to developing and distributing products, we always substantiate our products with science.

  • Optimal Patient Health

    We do not aim for perfection when it comes to health status. Alternatively, we believe in supporting our customers through easy to use, affordable products as they work to obtain and maintain the best health status possible.

  • Supportive Care

    There are no magic bullets when it comes to health. We believe that complex health problems require varying types of care treatments backed by science, which is why we support targeted product formulations that utilize naturally-sourced ingredients.

  • Patient-Defined Equilibrium

    It is important to Enlivity that we support patients as they get back to everyday life and their new “normal”, however they choose to define that. Our products address the actual side effects of cancer treatment, not just the symptoms.